Cathedral architectural grouping

The new St John

The old St John church from the 10th , is the last monument dating back to the Counts of Roussillon period.In the 14th century the great gothic St John was erected : St John -the- new, future cathedral, its cemetery-cloister named Campo Santo and its funerary chapel funeraria. then the Devout-Christ chapel in the 16th century jewel of the Sanch procession.

The cathedral architectural grouping flattened out a part of the primitive Perpignan,  the cemetery and some housings. The castle of the Counts of Roussillon became  residence of the bishop4s residence in the 14th century and  was modernized several times before disappearing. The canons'residence, called the “canorgue” was greatly modified after the French Revolution. The hospital was destroyed at the end of the 19th century to allow the construction of the Cité Bartissol. Its fountain from 1431, was moved and placed in front of the cathedral porch.

Type de patrimoine : 
Patrimoine religieux
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Moyen âge
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