The Lazerme Hotel

Rigaud museum

This big Perpignan house, with a large courtyard, built at the beginning of the 18th century by the marquis Etienne de Blanès, was bought in 1827 by Joseph de Lazerme,born in a family of lawyers,bourgeois and rich landowners from Herault, arrived in Roussillon the previous century.

From 1954 to 1956, Michel Leiris, Marc Chagall, Jean Cocteau and above all Pablo Picasso, friends of Jacques and Paule de Lazerme,stayed there on several occasions.The mansion shelters the Hyacinthe Rigaud Beaux Arts Museum which possesses a rich collection of art works from the 15th century to nowadays.

Type de patrimoine : 
Patrimoine civil et militaire
Période : 
Epoque moderne
Quartier : 
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