The historic station

Salvador Dali's centre of the world.

The first train arrived in Perpignan in a temporary station, located in Le Vernet, in February 1858, but it crossed the river Tet only five months later, in July. The present day station was completed in1862, later elevated and enlarged. The glass roof of the building, set up in 1896, was modified several times until 2010. In 1982, the creation of a large ceiling with decor imagined by Robert d'Hoossche, reminiscent of the Roussillon landscapes, sky and sun, was a tribute to the high priest of surrealism, Salvador Dali, who said in 1965 that Perpignan station was «  the centre of the world ».

Type de patrimoine : 
Patrimoine civil et militaire
Période : 
Epoque contemporaine
Quartier : 
La Gare
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