La Loge de mer


Jewel of the flamboyant gothic

Built on the pella, skins, cloth and second hand clothes market, under Martin of Aragon,from 1397, the sea consul's lodge sheltered the maritime courts created in 1388.Built from the model of the lodges of the Catalan-Aragonese kingdom, it was doubled towards the west in 1540, so adjoining the townhall.In the middle of the 18th century this monument was changed into a theatre by the Count of Mailly and in the 19th century it became a post house for the stagecoach, then later the Café de France. The caravel and the bas relief on the frontage Merchants street side,showing St John-the-Baptist standing on waters, also evoke the consulate of the sea.


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Patrimoine civil et militaire
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Moyen âge
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