The Castillet Montes architecte - Guenot, sculpteur

The Castillet cinema, symbol of the « New Perpignan »

The Castillet cinema, completed in 1911, illustrates the transformation of the city in the 20th century. Just like the adjoining Skating Rink, they embodied the new fashionable leisure activities. The architect of this building, Eugene Montes, was inspired by the theatrical architecture of the 19th century, but also by the pavilions of World Fairs. The Castillet cinema, decorated with sculpted elements and polychrome earthenware friezes, Art Nouveau style, works of the sculptor Alexandre Guenot, from Toulouse, is one of the oldest and most beautiful in France.

Type de patrimoine : 
Patrimoine civil et militaire
Période : 
Epoque contemporaine
Quartier : 
Enceintes et nouveaux boulevards
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