Jean Moulin Secondary School

Premisses of “great schools”

The Jean Moulin secondary school occupies the premisses of two ancient schools. The main building was erected according to the plans of Léon Baille, the city architect, for the boys Superior Primary School, the « sup » between 1898 and1901 and elevated in 1933. The main door is decorated with ceramic bas reliefs by Gustave Violet, showing allegories of the sower and the ploughman.On the left, the Primary Teachers Training School,built by an architect called Vignol in 1874, occupied since the beginning of the 20th cebtury by the Conseil General services,it was refitted for the secondary school in 2010.

Type de patrimoine : 
Patrimoine civil et militaire
Période : 
Epoque contemporaine
Quartier : 
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