Saint Mattieu Chrurch

The relic of the Holy Thorns

The 14th century church was demolished to bring relief to the citadel in 1639. The present day building was completed in 1677.Its unique nave is composed of five rows of benches flanked by side chapels. Its present day decor was set in the 19th century; The chapel of  the Holy Thorns, whose brotherhood still exists, keeps four thorns from the Christ crown. This precious relic acquired by Saint Louis was bequeathed to his son Philippe Le Hardi, who died in Perpignan in 1285.

Located in the master altar, the monumental group of Saint Matthieu and the angel, dates from 1803, it is the works of a sculptor called François Boher (1781-1825)

Type de patrimoine : 
Patrimoine religieux
Période : 
Epoque moderne
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